The internet is littered with crummy review pages. Most of these are created automatically as new products become available, and simply use the copy direct from the retailer’s site. They do this because it works and there in no alternative. Enter Critical Edge.

Critical Edge wants to provide meaningful and entertaining reviews. It is my mission to help customers find the product they want by actually taking time to research these products.

These pages won’t be cluttered with ads, pop-ups or any usual annoyances that you put up with scrolling up and down random review sites. That’s why when you’re here, it’s straight to the goods. How well do these products actually measure up? I’m on a journey to find out.

Critical Edge is brand-spankin’-new to the review game. And trust me - it’s hard work to be the best. But I love it here in the cloud and I can’t wait to help you navigate all the the internet marketplaces in the sky.

Benjamin Parrish